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Trending Topics in the News

The elder justice news stories below were covered on mainstream press and shared widely through social media. 

CNN’s Nursing Home Sex Abuse Investigation

CNN released an important investigation of sexual assault in nursing homes. The comprehensive report includes personal stories, analysis of assault in nursing homes in the United States, warning signs, and recommendations for necessary changes.


Dementia and Elder Abuse

Referencing Governor Cuomo’s commitment to preventing elder financial abuse (more on that below), Yahoo News notes the connection between dementia and elder abuse. “Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are taken advantage of due to their reduced cognitive ability. Those with dementia may be unaware they are being exploited, and others may be embarrassed or do not want to report a family member, neighbor or caregiver.”


Jackson Family Abuse

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, was granted a restraining order against her nephew after accusing him of elder abuse. This high profile story was featured in many prominent news outlets as result making elder abuse front page news.

Research, Resources & Policy 

Each Field Report, we feature a roundup of new and relevant resources, research and policy for elder justice practitioners.


Senior$afe Act of 2017

2017 began with exciting legislative and policy measures seeking to prevent abuse towards older adults (see more below). On the federal level, members of Congress introduced the Senior$afe Act and Senior Financial Empowerment Act.

American Society on Aging Offers Full Access to the Generations Issue, including a Message to the President

The American Society on Aging released its winter 2016-17 issue of Generations, including a message to the President to act on behalf of older adults. This issue includes “fifteen articles that lay out policy plans for the new Administration regarding the economic impact of aging, protecting retirement income, ensuring affordable healthcare, and finding realistic ways to pay for long-term care.” The ASA is offering full access to this issue of Generations.

Security and Exchange Commission Approves New Senior Protection Rule

The SEC approved the new Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) rule to protect seniors and other specified adults from financial exploitation. The rule broaders banks’ requirements to have emergency contact information for a “trusted person” as well as banks’ ability to put holds on suspicious activity.

Senior Financial Empowerment Act

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) introduced the Senior Financial Empowerment Act which seeks to “standardize and improve the way elder financial abuse is reported and establish a national hotline for advising seniors on how to report fraud.”

Cuomo to pursue legislation

New York State’s Governor Cuomo discussed pursuing two separate pieces of legislation to further regulate the financial industry. The first adds consumer protection to reverse mortgages. The second broadens banks’ ability to place holds on potentially fraudulent transactions and requires training to spot exploitation.


Grants and Research Opportunities

National Institute of Justice’s Research on the Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Elderly Individuals

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is seeking applications for funding for research related to the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly individuals. Research that includes residents of residential care facilities also will be considered. Research proposed may be focused at the federal, state, local, or tribal justice policy and/or practice level. Applications due March 20, 2017.

Countering Ageism

Elder abuse has roots in ageism. NYCEAC is committed to changing the way aging is perceived.  For more information about ageism and to view additional resources, please visit our Countering Ageism webpage. These are some of the items we read in January and February that confront ageism prejudices.

Countering Ageism in Film Award

NYCEAC introduced our first annual Countering Ageism in Film Award highlight the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of older adults in Hollywood. Over 400 community members  voted for the most positive portrayal of an older adult in a 2016 film. Denzel Washington won this contest for his role of “Troy” in Fences.

Building an Anti-Ageism Movement: The Time is Now

Ashton Applewhite contributed this beautifully written piece linking anti-ageism with current movements for social justice. “Ageism is the perfect target for collective advocacy because it affects everyone. That very attribute, its universal nature, means that we undermine ageism when people of all ages show up for stuff. It’s that basic.”

Aging While Black Takes Solidarity, Activism And Magic

Another article notes the intersection of ageism and current social justice movement. This article specifically correlates the need for countering ageism in the Black Lives Matter movement. “The eradication of ageism is important for thriving Black lives and free Black futures.”


Conferences, Trainings & Events

Find upcoming events for elder justice professionals on our regularly updated online Events Calendar.


4 Responses to The Field Guide: News and Resources for Elder Justice Professionals – March 2017

  1. cjhulse says:

    This is a good review of national developments in this important area of law.

  2. The discussion above about the link between elder abuse and ageism is spot on. It also links well with the recently released toolkit which was developed by Frameworks in partnership with NCEA on helping elder justice professionals and advocates to “reframe aging in America.” It’s exciting to see us all coming together to continue to move the field forward.

    • NYCEAC says:

      Thank you for your comment. We agree with you about the good work of Frameworks and the National Center on Elder Abuse in this arena. (For readers not familiar with Frameworks’ work re: public perceptions of aging, go to:

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