NYCEAC’s eNewsletter provides practical information and resources on elder justice-related topics to help providers better assist elder abuse victims. We hope you find the information provided in NYCEAC’s eNewsletters useful. We welcome your feedback and ideas for future editions. Please email us your thoughts and suggestions:

The eNewsletters are archived here:

NYCEAC eNewsletter #1: April 2011
Overview of the NYC Elder Abuse Center

NYCEAC eNewsletter #2: July/August 2011
Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship

NYCEAC eNewsletter #3: September/October 2011
Intimate Partner Abuse in Later Life

NYCEAC eNewsletter #4: November/December 2011
NYC’s Temporary Shelter Options for Elder Abuse Victims

NYCEAC eNewsletter #5: March/April 2012
Capacity Evaluations in Elder Abuse Cases

NYCEAC eNewsletter #6: September/October 2012
NYCEAC Social Media Resources: Helping You Help Older Victims

NYCEAC eNewsletter #7: March/April 2013
Exploring the Intersection of Elder Abuse and Mental Health

NYCEAC eNewsletter #8: July/Aug 2013
Elder Justice in the Blogosphere

NYCEAC eNewsletter #9: June/July 2014
I’ll Stand by You: Recognizing Concerned Family, Friends and Neighbors in the Lives of Elder Abuse Victims

NYCEAC eNewsletter #10: September/October 2014
10 Elder Justice Blogs to Inform and Inspire: July 2013-June 2014

NYCEAC eNewsletter #11: February/March 2015
Web-based Elder Abuse “Quick Clips” Educational Videos

NYCEAC eNewsletter #12: September/October 2015
11 Elder Justice Blogs to Inform and Inspire: July 2014-June 2015

NYCEAC eNewsletter #13: June/July 2016
Elder Justice Resource Roundup – Special Edition, WEAAD 2016

NYCEAC eNewsletter #14: September/October 2016
NYCEAC’s Blockbuster Blogs- July 2015-June 2016