Welcome to NYCEAC’s Resources Page! NYCEAC has assembled a wide range of resources on elder abuse that we encourage you to explore.

To learn more about current advancements, issues, and players in the elder justice field, we invite you to read NYCEAC’s Elder Justice Dispatch Blog.

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On the Community Resources and Publications page, organizations are highlighted that specialize in elder abuse on the local, state, and national levels, along with informative publications, studies, and research papers on elder abuse related issues.

Check out our Events page, which lists upcoming webinars, as well as trainings and conferences in New York City and beyond. We invite you to submit elder abuse-related events here, which we will then add to the Events calendar.

To learn about the current state of elder abuse services in New York State, we invite you to read the New York State Elder Abuse Prevention and Intervention Services Survey: Report of Findings. For specific information on the state of New York City’s elder abuse services, you can access the Report of Findings for New York City here.

NYCEAC has produced a number of relevant podcasts, which can be accessed here. In addition, we invite you to watch the Quick Clips video series in which professionals use a 90 second elder abuse video enactment as a touchstone for discussing challenging practice issues from different perspectives -and illustrate why the problem of elder abuse requires a collaborative response.

For more information on the elder justice field, we encourage you to read the nationally acclaimed Elder Justice Road Map. Co-written by NYCEAC’s Executive Director, Risa Breckman, the report identifies the top five priorities for the elder justice field.

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