The NYC Elder Abuse Center is commited to improving how professionals, organizations, and systems respond to the needs of older victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Through collaborations with our partners, NYCEAC is able to employ the collective wisdom and experience of many experts working in various capacities within the field of elder justice. Our partners, listed in the Steering Committee section of this website, are dedicated individuals from non-profit organizations and government agencies across New York City, all working diligently to prevent and respond to elder abuse.

As evidenced by their biographies and descriptions of their organizations, NYCEAC’s partners cover a wide range of educational backgrounds, professional expertise, and service interests. We are thankful for their hard work, commitment, and contributions to NYCEAC and to the field of elder justice and we are proud to feature and promote their excellent service.

Learn About NYCEAC’s Partners

Learn about NYCEAC’s impressive partners* through viewing these two directories – Partner Bios and Partner Organizations – or by using the Systems Categories Menu on the left, which organizes our partners by their systems within which their organizations affiliate. Categories include:

* NYCEAC has additional partners not yet represented in this directory. For a list of all of our partners, please see NYCEAC’s Steering Committee.