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In the Media

NYC Budget Needs Additional Funding for Services

An article featured on the highlighted City Council members Margaret Chin and Paul Vallone urging for increased spending to assist New York City’s older residents. Last year’s budget included increased spending, including increased funding for elder justice. The goal is to increase home care services and provide needed funding to fully support senior centers providing services throughout the city.

Financial Skills Often the First to Go

New York Times article explores vulnerability to financial exploitation. The article highlights signs of early financial cognitive decline and recent research that examined people who were otherwise cognitively normal, yet had subtle signs of decline in financial management skills.

Illinois Bill to Allow Video and Audio Recording in Nursing Homes

KWQC has published an article and video about a bill that would allow families to install video or audio devices to monitor their loved ones in nursing homes. To learn more about this widely debated topic please see this post from NYCEAC medical director Mark Lachs.

New App Works to Reduce Isolation of People with Dementia

Social isolation is one of the biggest risk factors for elder abuse. As highlighted in a Huffington Post article, one granddaughter is trying to reduce isolation among people with dementia through an app she designed. GreyMatters is an app designed to help family members connect to people with dementia. It uses an evidence based approach through photos and music to help the person with dementia connect to their loved ones and previous times.

Dental Elder Abuse

DEAR-LogoDr. Natalie Archer is featured in this article from the Toronto Observer discussing dental elder abuse. Dr. Archer previously helped write a piece featured on NYCEAC’s Elder Justice Dispatch about dental elder abuse and neglect.

15 Ways Financial Planners Can Help Prevent Elder Abuse

In this article from Financial Planning, planners are given 15 best practices to help protect their clients from financial exploitation and abuse. Recommendations include monitoring for mental capacity and elder abuse and flagging complaints coming from seniors.

SEC Urges Universal Background Check Database for Investors

Financial Planning featured an article about the recommendations from a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) committee to combine all background checks on investors into a single site. This recommendation specifically highlights the use for investors who work with older adults as a way to help fight financial exploitation.

Domestic Violence Hidden in Older Adults

This article from the North Jersey Record highlights the multiple deaths that result from elder abuse by a spouse, or “domestic violence grown old.” Elder Justice leader Bonnie Brandl is quoted explaining how these cases are misconstrued as “mercy killings,” rather than resulting from domestic violence. For more about the intersections between domestic violence and elder abuse click here.  

News from Alternative Media

Risa Breckman

Risa Breckman

NYCEAC Director Blogs for WEAAD Weekly Countdown

NYCEAC’s Executive Director, Risa Breckman, LCSW, wrote a blog about multidisciplinary approaches used to respond to elder abuse around the country and highlights approaches that are having national impact. She also recommends ways to improve and strengthen the multidisciplinary approach and workforce in the coming years. This blog was featured as part of the 10 week countdown hosted by the National Center on Elder Abuse and Ageless Alliance.


Reports, Videos & More

MDT White Paper

In September 2014, elder justice experts, funders, and other stakeholders from around the country gathered in New York City for a day long symposium, Elder Abuse Multidisciplinary Teams: Planning for the Future to examine the value of multidisciplinary teams (MDTs), plan for broad replication of this effective intervention, and explore ways to sustain them. At the end of this MDT_Symposium_Poster_Mockup5_FeaturedImagehistoric day-long event, participants identified four recommended priorities for the field with respect to sustaining and replicating MDTs.

The National Center for Victims of Crime & FINRA Release a New Resource

Financial Fraud Checklists were developed by the National Center for Victims of Crime and the FINRA foundation. They can help victims understand how to proceed and how to protect from future crimes.

FINRA Securities Helpline for Seniors

FINRA has launched a new toll-free number that senior investors can call to get assistance or raise concerns about issues with brokerage accounts and investments. The helpline can be called at 844-57-HELPS (3577) and is open Monday through Friday 9:00-5:00 (EST).

Grandkids Against the Grandparent Scam

The grandparent scam is one of the most common forms of elder financial exploitation. FA magazine highlights a new program in New York that teaches high school students about how they can help to combat this crime by talking to their grandparents and loved ones.

Undue Influence Committed by Professionals eLearning

The Academy for Professional Excellence released a new FREE on-line training resource written by Candace Hiesler, JD. The training educates elder abuse professionals on how professionals can unduly influence, and thereby exploit older adults.

NAPSA Research to Practice Brief: Forensic Markers

The National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) has released the latest Research to Practice brief from the webinar lead by Dr. Laura Mosqueda on Forensic Markers in Elder Abuse.

Conferences, Trainings & Events

American Geriatrics Society Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the American Geriatrics Society will be held May 15th-17th in National Harbor, MD.

090113p51Mass Marketing Fraud Webinar

The Financial Crime Resource Center is hosting a webinar on Mass Marketing Fraud April 30th from 1:00-2:00pm. Clayton Gerber and Kate Lawrence from the US Postal Inspector Office and Lara Hinz, Director of Programs of the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement, will present on how these scams are perpetrated and share prevention and early detection tactics, as well as resources to help advocates navigate this challenging problem.

Employment Opportunities

Elder Abuse Research Manager

The Geriatric Emergency Medicine group at Weill Cornell Medical College is looking for a research manager to assist with a NIH funded elder abuse research project. Interested candidates should email their resume and a cover letter to Elizabeth Bloemen at


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