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NYCEAC is delighted to announce the release of our elder abuse video clip series.

Now, on one webpage, you can listen to elder justice experts from many disciplines and systems respond to a video-based dramatization of a case of elder abuse. Each “quick clip” is just a few minutes long, packed with solid, practical information.

Click here to view the video clip series

When visiting the video series web page, we recommend that you begin by viewing the “Elder Abuse Enactment.” This powerful 90-second video created by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine skillfully illustrates many elements of an elder abuse case. 1  Following the enactment video, you will find a series of 16 video clips that feature expert responses from an array of perspectives including academia, advocacy, health care, mental health and many others.

These clips, developed as an educational tool, can be used to explore the complexities surrounding elder abuse cases. Taken together, they demonstrate the need for a coordinated, multidisciplinary, multi-systemic response to elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The video series can be used to:

  1. Introduce students, practitioners and community members to elder abuse issues.
  2. Raise awareness among aging professionals and others about the reality that no single professional discipline or system can respond to elder abuse cases in isolation.
  3. Illustrate to key decision-makers the need for multi-systemic coordination in elder justice work through initiatives such as multidisciplinary teams.

Are there additional ways you think the video series can be used? Are there additional disciplines and systems you would like us to include in this series? We want to hear from you – please share your comments below.

Click here to view the video clip series


Thank you to the dedicated professionals for contributing time, expertise and talent to create this Quick Clip video series: Bob Abrams, Ron Adelman, Pam Ansell, Risa Breckman, Pat Brownell, Diana Buckhantz, Jean Callahan, Peter Cheng, Sarah Dion, Donna Dougherty, Julie Einiger, Michelle Galligan, David Gimbel, Deborah Holt-Knight, Peg Horan, Fay Kahan, Matt Kudish, Mark Lachs, Liz Loewy, Ronnie LoFaso, Evelyn Loreano, Sally MacNicol, Arlene Markarien, Nancy Needell, Martha Pollack, Robin Roberts, Lin Saberski, Bobbie Sackman, Aurora Salamone, Joy Solomon, Maria Shkolnik, and Robert Tobing.

This video series was created with generous funding from the Park Foundation.

by Cara Kenien, LMSW, MPA, Social Media Manager, NYCEAC

  1. This dramatization of an elder abuse case was produced by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine with generous funding from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.

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