195In the March/April 2013 issue of NYC Elder Abuse Center’s eNewsletter, the relationship between mental health and elder abuse issues and the resulting needs of older adults are explored from various perspectives across a wide range of professions and disciplines.

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In her overview of mental health and elder abuse issues, NYCEAC Executive Director Risa Breckman, LCSW writes, “The intersection of elder abuse and mental health is important and complex.” Breckman adds, “Screening elder abuse victims for mental health problems is an important first step. A careful assessment, thoughtful response, and follow-up should follow.”

In this issue, contributing authors take a detailed look at some critical issues at the this crossroads, including:

  • The role of primary care physicians
  • Integrating mental health services into elder abuse services
  • The relationship between older women and dependent adult children
  • Evaluating older victims with PTSD
  • The need for advocacy

Also showcased in this issue is the excellent work of elder justice advocate Ken Onaitis, LMSW, the inspiring, artistic depictions of aging by Alice and Richard Matzkin, the NYCEAC Brooklyn Multidisciplinary Team’s New Brochure: There is Hope, There is Help (pdf) and NYCEAC’s Silver Linings Playbook blog post.

“Addressing the mental health needs of victims is key to a comprehensive response to these complex cases and to ensuring improved overall outcomes,” writes Kimberly Williams, LMSW, in her call to action. “Let’s aggressively press for these mental health policy reforms so as to help prevent these incidents from occurring and to improve the quality of life of victims and their perpetrators.”

We’d like to thank the our esteemed contributing authors for their fantastic writing and excellent work on these issues: Jacquelin Berman, Ph.D., Pat Brownell, Ph.D., Veronica LoFaso, MD, Nancy J. Needell, MD, Patrick J. Raue, Ph.D., Aurora Salamone, M.P.S., Jo Anne Sirey, Ph.D., Judith Smith, Ph.D., and Kimberly A. Williams, LMSW.

We welcome your feedback and hope this eNewsletter issue helps to further the dialogue on mental health and elder abuse issues in your professional and personal communities!

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by Alexandra Pearson, MA

NYCEAC, Communication Specialist

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