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We are excited to bring you our latest installment of the Elder Justice Podcast Series, featuring the advocacy work of Ageless Alliance. Our Podcast Series is available on iTunes and features interviews with elder justice professionals from a wide range of disciplines, with the goal of providing you with interesting and helpful information about policy, practice, research and education. Interviews are focused on successes and challenges relevant to the elder justice field.____

In this podcast, Mary Twomey and Kevin Trout, who both work at the Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and Neglect (CEEAN), are interviewed about their work with Ageless Alliance.  CEEAN and Ageless Alliance are both initiatives of the University of California, Irvine.

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                                     Mary Twomey, MSW     Kevin Trout, MBA

Click here to download and listen to the Podcast

Key Points in the Podcast
  • Overview of Ageless Alliance
  • Inside peek into the development of the campaign
  • Behind the scenes look at what lies ahead for the campaign
  • Ways to get involved with the campaign
About Ageless Alliance

Ageless Alliance is a nationwide, grassroots movement focused on eradicating elder abuse and uniting people across the country to fight for elder dignity and the value of older adults. The campaign is centered around empowering people of all ages to take action, become involved in their local communities and work together to eliminate of elder abuse. The objectives of the campaign are to build awareness, provide support and foster community involvement. Mary and Kevin are part of a dedicated team working to spread these messages and support this important effort to build a national movement.

Make sure to listen to the podcast for more on Ageless Alliance, ways to get involved and for an inside look at this exciting campaign!

For more information about Ageless Alliance, please visit,

Please let us know what you would like to hear about in future podcasts! It is easy to reach us through our website’s Contact page.

by Cara Kenien, LMSW, MPA, Social Media Manager, NYCEAC

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