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Prevent elder abuse. Pursue elder justice. To achieve these tall goals, we must work together. No one person, discipline, organization or system can do it alone.” – Risa Breckman

The National Center on Elder Abuse has launched a countdown to World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and is highlighting important elder justice issues weekly in blog posts as well as via social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook . We are thrilled to announce that the NYC Elder Abuse Center’s Executive Director, Risa Breckman, LCSW wrote this week’s blog.

Risa discusses multidisciplinary approaches used to respond to elder abuse around the country and highlights approaches that are having national impact. She also recommends ways to improve and strengthen the multidisciplinary approach and workforce in the coming years.

Do you have ideas for innovative multidisciplinary approaches, ways to overcome challenges to working together and/or resources to share? Make sure to share your thoughts and ideas via the comments section of the blog.

By Cara Kenien, LMSW, MPA, NYCEAC Social Media Manager and Elizabeth Bloemen, MPH, NYCEAC Social Media Associate

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