Deborah Holt- Knight

Deborah Holt- Knight

Our latest Elder Justice Podcast features an interview with Deborah Holt-Knight, Executive Director of Operations for NYC Human Resources Administration’s Adult Protective Services (APS). In this podcast, Deborah discusses challenges APS workers face when responding to elder abuse cases as well as how APS’s role on NYCEAC’s Multidisciplinary Teams has shaped and changed the way APS approaches elder abuse work.

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“As a result of being on teams and putting all the training resources into our workers, we are seeing successes. We are seeing where our workers are digging deeper. Collaboration with other agencies is improving our results in difficult cases.” –Deborah Holt-Knight

About APS

APS is a state-mandated case management program that arranges services and support for physically and/or mentally impaired adults who are age 18 and older and at risk of harm. APS seeks to promptly resolve the risks faced by eligible clients with service plans enabling individuals to live independently and safely within their homes and communities. Click here to view a blog featuring an in depth analysis of a complex case to which APS responded and presented to a Multidisciplinary Team.

All installments of our Podcast Series are available on iTunes and feature interviews with elder justice professionals from a wide range of disciplines, with the goal of providing you with interesting and helpful information about policy, practice, research and education. Interviews are focused on successes and challenges relevant to the elder justice field.

Please let us know what you would like to hear about in future podcasts! It is easy to reach us through our website’s Contact page.

by Cara Kenien, LMSW, MPA, Social Media Manager, NYCEAC

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