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Dr. Jason Karlawish

Dr. Jason Karlawish

An Overview of the Assessment of Everyday Decision Making (ACED)

A recording of the April 2014 webinar presented by Jason Karlawish, MD on behalf of the National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) is now available online. The webinar covers the difference between capacity and cognition and provides an overview of the development and implementation of the Assessment for Everyday Decision Making (ACED), a capacity assessment tool developed by Dr. Karlawish and Dr. James Lai.

Assessing Elder Abuse Cases by Type of Abuse

A new podcast from the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) examines the importance and impact of studying specific forms of elder abuse. Featuring Shelly Jackson, PhD, researcher and Financial Fraud Abuse Fellow at the Office for Victims of Crime, this two-part podcast is available on YouTube.

Elder Abuse News Bytes

The most recent edition Elder Abuse News Bytes, the quarterly eNewsletter of the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), is now available. This Spring 2014 edition features an array of useful news and resource items for elder justice professionals, including a write-up of the NYC Elder Abuse Center’s 14 Days Thanks social media campaign.

Understanding Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages are loans designed to allow older adults to convert some of their home equity into cash to cover living expenses and other costs. A recent report on reverse mortgages presented by Congressman Mark Takano (D – CA) examines these loans, and the National Council on Aging (NCOA) has created a consumer booklet on this topic as well.

logo-WEAADWorld Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The eighth annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is June 15, 2014. WEAAD provides an opportunity for communities around the world to promote a better understanding of abuse and neglect of older persons by raising awareness of the cultural, social, economic and demographic processes affecting elder abuse and neglect. Click here to find out about resources, local events and other ways to participate.


Brokerage Firms Step Up Efforts to Combat Financial Abuse

Several financial brokerage firms are developing specialized groups to handle suspicions and allegations of financial exploitation in response to the growing prevalence and awareness of this phenomenon.

ejclogoCoalition Testifies in Congress for Elder Justice Initiative Funding

Robert Blancato, National Coordinator of the Elder Justice Coalition (EJC), testified before a House Subcommittee on March 24, 2014 in support of securing funding for the Elder Justice Initiative.

Oregon Mailcarriers to Receive Elder Abuse Training

The Central Oregon Council on Aging has received a $176,000 grant from the Oregon State Unit on Aging to implement a program designed to train gatekeeper members of the community – including postal service and utility workers – to spot signs of elder abuse.

Publishers Clearing House Under Investigation

The United States Senate Special Committee on Aging is investigating whether Publishers Clearing House is misleading consumers, especially older adults, with the use of confusing notices sent via mail and email. Allegations suggest that the letters give consumers the impression that they have won or are close to winning a prize and that their chances will improve if they purchase or subscribe to something.

Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney

Remembering Mickey Rooney

Film icon and elder justice advocate Mickey Rooney died on April 6, 2014 at the age of 93. Widely known for his Hollywood roles, Rooney was also an important advocate for elder justice. He spoke out about his personal experience of financial exploitation, most memorably in 2011 when he testified at a congressional hearing on elder abuse.



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  1. John Bitter, Ed. D. says:

    Love to get on your list. I addition to being a member of the Alabama Silver-Haired Legislature, and a strong advocate of elder abuse reform, I’m always glad to get input. I’m also seniors editor for the Alabama Gazette, a monthly regional tabloid newspaper. I usually devote an entire page to senior issues. Through both vehicles I was a strong advocate for and supporter of the elder abuse legislation that has passed in our legislature over the past two years. I also try to get educational sessions going with resource people and residents of independent living facilities. Working on one right now at my new residence: Cara Vita Village Independent Living facility.

    John Bitter, Ed. D.

    • Cara Kenien says:

      Hi John – thanks so much for your email and for sharing about all the great work you’re doing to raise awareness of elder abuse and elder justice issues. Have you already subscribed to our blog? You can easily do this by scrolling up on this page and adding your email address under the subscribe prompt. You can also subscribe to our eNewsletter right below that section. Let me know if you have any questions! Cara

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