Brooklyn and Manhattan MDTs

Any professional working with a Brooklyn or Manhattan elder abuse victim is eligible to present to the Brooklyn or Manhattan MDT to receive recommendations on assessment and interventions from the team’s members.

The following is the eligibility criteria for a case to be brought to the NYCEAC’s Brooklyn MDT for review:

  • The elder abuse victim must be 60 and over AND reside in Brooklyn or Manhattan, or the case needs to have someone age 60 and over living in a dwelling located in Brooklyn or Manhattan.
  • If the victim is under 60 OR there is nobody in the house 60 and over AND/OR the dwelling is not located in Brooklyn or Manhattan, the case will be considered for consultation at the discretion of the NYCEAC’s Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator (MDTC).

In addition, NYC Elder Abuse Center’s staff conducts orientations on the Brooklyn and Manhattan MDTd—their goals, structure and intake process—so that professionals will understand how to access its services and how best to present cases to the team.

For more information

For more information about presenting to the Brooklyn MDT or Manhattan EMDT and/or requesting an in-service orientation on the Brooklyn MDT or Manhattan EMDT for your staff, please contact NYCEAC’s Elder Abuse Prevention Specialist/MDT Coordinator, Peg Horan, LMSW at mmh2010@med.cornell.edu or (212) 746-7211.

Funded by NYC Department for the Aging.