The following is a partial list of organizations that have received training during the past year by NYCEAC on elder abuse and/or on how to present to the Brooklyn MDT. All of these trainings utilized a multidisciplinary faculty and conveyed information by implementing a variety of teaching methods to appeal to different adult learning styles.
  • Brooklyn APS
  • Heights and Hill
  • VNS Choice
  • Vera Institute
  • Barrier Free Justice
  • FJC Team Meetings
  • Brooklyn Tabernacle Church
  • Manhattan Borough President’s Senior Advisory Group
  • Columbia Presbyterian Hospital’s Neurology Residents
  • NYC APA’s Geriatric Subcommittee
  • Bellevue Hospital’s Social Work Department
  • Queens Family Justice Center

Upcoming trainings include:

Trainings are scheduled for the following organizations:

  • Brooklyn VA
  • Barrier Free Living
  • HRA Customized Assistance Services
  • Geriatric Mental Health Alliance
  • CASA
  • Brooklyn Borough President’s Spring Forum
  • Open House for Medical/Mental Health Providers