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Recognizing the seriousness of elder abuse among older New Yorkers, DFTA operates the Elderly Crime Victims Resource Center to provide direct resource and referral to victims of elder abuse as well as to coordinate DFTA’s education and prevention efforts around this important agency mission. The Elderly Crime Victims Resource Center receives daily referrals from community social service agencies, hospitals, private physicians, attorneys and the general public regarding elderly victims.

In addition, DFTA also has been training its senior center and case management staff in elder abuse protocol since the passage of Local Law 43 of 2008. DFTA, through City Council funding, also contracts with nine community-based service providers to provide direct services to victims of elder abuse, as well as to develop prevention activities that include trainings and outreach.

The work of these contracted agencies goes far beyond resource and referral.  Service providers provide long-term case management services to clients, many of whom present highly complex cases.  Providers may assist victims of elder abuse by: helping them secure orders of protection; providing long-term counseling; accompanying victims to court; examining powers of attorney and other legal documents; working with police to place victims on high-propensity lists; and working closely with District Attorneys to aid in the prosecution of cases.  Five of the nine community-based contractors have attorneys on staff to provide legal services on behalf of clients.

The City providers also conduct trainings and workshops on elder abuse for both seniors and professionals including District Attorneys, Judges, Police, and Social Workers.

Collaborative Efforts: Recognizing that elder abuse is too complex for one agency to tackle on its own, DFTA has put in place a collaborative response, which ensures that thoughtful and innovative solutions are put into practice and that scarce resources are utilized effectively.  In 2006, DFTA and its sister agencies formed the New York City Elder Abuse Network (NYCEAN).

The Network was formed from a nucleus of agencies that indicated a strong desire to expand and strengthen their elder abuse prevention activities.  This network brings together City agencies, law enforcement officials and diverse community based organizations that focus on elder abuse.   NYCEAN operates as a focal point in New York City for team consultation on difficult and multi-problem cases, advocacy and legislative initiatives, training, public awareness and prevention campaigns, as well as systems coordination and services integration.


2 Lafayette Street, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10007


Phone: 212-442-3103 (Program Intake number – Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm) or call 311.
Email: (Aurora Salamone, MPS, Director Elderly Crime Victims Resource Center)

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