Organization Description

Archaeos is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and preservation of cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, irrespective of faith, origin, or gender. The organization actively participates in, disseminates information about, and/or encourages work in three distinct areas:

  • Archaeology, Anthropology, & Living Cultures. The exploration, recording, and interpretation of both ancient and contemporary cultures and their languages, traditions, and histories. Advocacy for indigenous peoples, marginalized groups, and endangered languages.
  • Built Heritage, Urban Planning & Cartography. The maintenance, conservation of, and recording of cities and ‘cultural spaces’, both ancient and modern.
  • Cultural Heritage & Law. The promotion and execution of strategies, legislation, treaties, and agreements for the preservation of both intangible and tangible heritage.

We believe that knowledge of diverse cultures vitally enhances the quality of our lives, fostering self-understanding, community values, and dialogue between groups—principles all of which have the ability to inform globalization, development, and the future of humankind and of the biosphere.


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