This page is for downloading NYC branding and communication tools. Please contact us if you have any special requests not covered on this page.

Word™ Template


All NYC Elder Abuse Center communications should be in Arial. For print design the heading font to be used is used is BP Reply roman (available here) – that means the standard weight, not bold. You may use italics when required.

Do not ‘over format’ your documents or emails. Stick to the minimum amount of size variation and only use the colors as set out below. If you are unclear please take a look at the NYCEAC Word™ Template.


The standard web colors for NYC Elder Abuse Center branding are as follows.

NYCEAC Blue = #006699

NYCEAC Blue = #006699

NYCEAC Orange = #cd663e (use for links)

NYCEAC Orange = #cd663e (use for links)

NYCEAC Dark Grey = #333 (use for body text)

NYCEAC Dark Grey = #333 (use for body text)


When using the NYC Elder Abuse Center logo please make sure that you have adequate space around it. To download the logo right click and save as.

For hi-res print and vector graphics such as cutting applications please use the EPS version of our logo: nycea-logo-web-medium.eps


NYCEAC Logo with white background

NYCEAC Logo with clear background (note: some software will not display clear backgrounds)