NYCEAC’s Core Values

NYCEAC brings collective expertise to bear on the issue of elder maltreatment. Our values guide our work.

  • The rights and dignity of older adults are fundamental. Everything we do must be person-centered and respectfully serve them.
  • The truth is nothing to fear. Ours is an intellectually honest endeavor, seeking evidence-based solutions.
  • Innovation is integral to systemic change. We seek to advance knowledge through research, improve services through analysis, and increase awareness through advocacy.
  • Collaboration magnifies impact. Greatness occurs when many people come together and contribute their best. We share and leverage existing resources to maximize efficiency, and we share accountability, when applicable.
  • Respect for each colleague and their individual discipline, understanding the challenges professionals experience when doing this work.
  • Transparent and effective decision-making processes.
  • Act with fierce urgency. Elder abuse victims, and concerned persons assisting them, need help now.